Hospital visits?

No problem!

ER Alert uses the latest mobile device sensing and privacy technology to detect when you are visiting hospitals to help your doctor understand what's happening.

Mobile Sensing

ER Alert uses the latest Android and iOS technologies to alert your doctor when you are admitted to a hospital or emergency room.

Keep Doctors Updated

ER Alert contacts your doctor to let them know where were admitted so that they can get in touch with the hospital to provide comprehensive health care.

Private & Secure

ER Alert uses the latest privacy and encryption techniques to keep your private medical information safe and secure.

Research Study Information

ER Alert is part of a research study conducted by Dr. David T. Liss at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. The study is monitored and overseen by a local Institutional Review Board, NU IRB Study #STU00208663.

For inquiries, please contact the Study Coordinator, Adriana Guzman, at 312-503-6447 or via e-mail at